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The Car Donation process can be difficult, confusing, and time-consuming.  This site will help with finding information about Car Donation.

Latest Winner
The latest winner of the Car Donors Scholarship is Andre Abella of Chaffey College! Andre is a full-time radiology student and clinical intern at Chaffey College. He's also a single father of one daughter and a youth minister who works with incarcerated youths in various detention centers in Southern California. We'll have more information on Andre when he sends us a picture and bio. Congrats to you, Andre!

We have named our most recent winner of the Scholarship! The winner is Thai Doan of Northwestern University! He's our most recent winner of Scholarship. Thai is an outstanding and decorated student in the sciences, and has won several awards and worked on a variety of prestigious internships and projects with distinguished scientists. Not surprisingly, Thai plans a career in scientific research after graduation. We will be putting his photograph on the website very soon. You can read an excerpt of his winning application here.

We have yet to award the $500 award with the application deadline of August 31. The winner will be announced in September, but don't forget that CarDonors now gives one scholarship every three months! Apply now for the next scholarship or click here to see past winners.

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